High-Quality Tennis Court Paving in Vancouver

With time, weather and improper construction, tennis court surfaces can become cracked, deformed and broken down. If you notice cracks, surface bubbles, pools of water or warped spots on your tennis court, it’s time you to get your tennis court resurfaced. Whether you work at a sports facility or school or have a private tennis court at your home, you want to have a flat surface to play a good match on, which is why Custom Blacktop Co. offers tennis court paving in Vancouver. 

Tennis courts have several layers, with asphalt most often at the bottom. If the asphalt layer of your tennis court was improperly constructed, your tennis court will need more than a just new surface layer. Because of our extensive experience with paving tennis courts, Custom Blacktop Co. is the best choice. Choosing a company with less experience paving tennis courts can lead to an uneven court that is prone to cracking.

If your tennis court needs to be resurfaced from the base up, the process can take 3-6 days with good weather. Our all-weather tennis court surface offers protection from water, sunlight and players’ feet. When you contact Custom Blacktop Co. for tennis court paving in Vancouver, you’re getting a durable product that is properly constructed so it will last through weather and high traffic counts.

Tennis Court Maintenance Tips
Many factors can affect the surface of your tennis court from weather to construction. To keep your surface ready for a match for as long as possible we recommend:

  • Removing leaves, pine needles and other organic debris
  • Keeping grass, vegetation and dirt away from the court’s edges
  • Washing the surface with light to moderate pressure and a light detergent


Overall, tennis courts with proper sealant and a properly constructed base require little maintenance, but following these tips will help you save money on repairs and resurfacing in the long run. If you’ve noticed cracks or pools of water on your tennis court, contact Custom Blacktop Co. for tennis court paving services in Vancouver.

Service Areas

Together, Custom Blacktop Co., Twin River Gravel Co., Ltd., Alpine Paving Ltd. and Whistler Aggregates Ltd. serve British Columbia communities, including:

  • Howe Sound area

  • Squamish

  • Coquitlam

  • Langley

  • Richmond

  • Whistler

  • Vancouver

  • Burnaby

  • Surrey

  • Central Fraser Valley

  • Pemberton

  • North Vancouver

  • New Westminster

  • South Surrey

  • West Vancouver

  • Maple Ridge

  • White Rock

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