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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asphalt paving has become popular amongst property owners for its simplicity, quick assembly and strength. Custom Blacktop Co. provides exceptional paving and concrete services in the Lower Mainland. We have been paving contractors for more than 40 years. Our paving services include asphalt paving and concrete paving for sports fields, green spaces and vehicle access roads. With a fully insured team of experienced technicians, we can handle both small-scale and larger projects.


Here are five tips that will help you choose the right asphalt paving contractor:


• Experience

Paving contractors have industry knowledge and expertise can help you make the right choice. The best way to figure out if a company is reliable is to look at reviews from past clients with projects similar to yours. The more experience a paving contractor has, the better it is for your project. Well-installed can withstand heavy weathering and usage.


• Insurance

Research the paving contractor’s policies before hiring them. If your contractor offers a price that is suspiciously low, there’s a high chance that they are not fully insured. Ask your paving contractor if they are licensed by suitable state boards and have insurance to cover any property damage. Your paving contractor should have general liability, workers compensation, auto liability and an umbrella policy.


• Materials

Asphalt contains a percentage of recycled materials, different grades of asphalt have different percentages.If you get low-quality asphalt installed, it can affect the look and durability of your asphalt pavement. Ask your contractor to use only high-grade asphalt.


• Crew

A paving crew should typically have a minimum of 5-8 workers depending on the scope of the project. An undermanned crew will impact the process and might cause delays. When you are choosing a constructor, make sure to enquire about the hiring process of the crew members. Hire the most efficient and dependable workers.


• Get a Quote

Even if your paving contractor matches all the above criteria, make sure you compare the quote they offer with other businesses. Keep in mind that the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice. Good services can be costly. Remember, the end result is worth the extra investment.


Asphalt paving is a major long-term investment and if properly installed, can last up to 20 years. Ask questions and do your research before choosing a paving contractor for your project. We, at Custom Blacktop Co., would love to help you out.

Contact us at Custom Blacktop Co. for reliable asphalt paving!


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