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Tennis court
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High-Quality Tennis Court Paving in Vancouver and Coquitlam

With time, weather and improper construction, tennis court surfaces can become cracked, deformed and broken down. If you notice cracks, surface bubbles, pools of water or warped spots, it’s time to get your tennis court resurfaced. Whether the court is at a sports facility, school or your home, you can count on Custom Blacktop Co. for tennis court paving services in Coquitlam and throughout Greater Vancouver.

Tennis courts have several layers, with asphalt most often at the bottom. It provides an excellent sliding surface for the comfort of the knees, back, and feet. If the asphalt layer of your tennis court was improperly constructed, your tennis court would need more than just a new surface layer. At Custom Blacktop Co., we have extensive experience with the techniques of paving tennis courts. We are your best choice. Choosing a company with less experience in paving tennis courts can lead to an uneven court prone to cracking and uncomfortable playtime.

If your tennis court needs to be resurfaced from the base up, the process can take 3-6 days with good weather. Our all-weather tennis court surface offers protection from water, sunlight and players’ feet. When you
contact Custom Blacktop Co. for tennis court paving in Vancouver, you will get a durable product properly constructed to last through weather and high traffic counts.

At Custom Blacktop Co., our goal is to provide you with a quality and long-lasting tennis court surface. We make sure your tennis court is prepared to handle the harshest weather conditions and withstand any deterioration for as long as possible. What you can expect:

Low maintenance excellence

Tennis courts installed or resurfaced by us are low maintenance. All you need to worry about is playing and winning.

Long-lasting attractiveness

We ensure your tennis court looks attractive over a longer period of time without any cracking, chipping or peeling.


Enhanced playability

Playing tennis should be effortless and enjoyable. Our courts are easy to slide on, providing a smooth, consistent surface that enhances your game.

Hassle-free installation

Our installation process is hassle-free and quick, so you don’t have to wait long before grabbing those rackets.

Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

Many factors can affect the surface of your tennis court, from weather to construction. To keep your surface ready for a match for as long as possible, we recommend:

  • Removing leaves, pine needles and other organic debris
  • Keeping grass, vegetation and dirt away from the court’s edges
  • Washing the surface with light to moderate pressure and a light detergent


Overall, tennis courts with proper sealant and a properly constructed base require little maintenance, but following these tips will help you save money on repairs and resurfacing in the long run. If you’ve noticed cracks or pools of water on your tennis court and need a team of experts with extensive experience installing, resurfacing and maintaining tennis courts, contact Custom Blacktop Co. for a free quote for tennis court paving services in Vancouver.

Why Choose Custom Blacktop Co. for Tennis Court Resurfacing?

You’ll have a lot of questions when investing in the installation of a tennis court. How much time will it take to build a tennis court? How often will I need to get it resurfaced? Will it require timely maintenance? And so on.


We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions for you:


How Often Does a Tennis Court Need to Be Resurfaced?

The resurfacing of a tennis court depends upon a lot of factors. While the average time frame is four to eight years, people who take proper care and maintain their courts tend to push it to the 10-year mark. Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of the court and identifies problems way before they turn into bigger ones. 


How Much Time Will It Take to Resurface a Tennis Court?

If your tennis court needs to be resurfaced from the base up, the process can take 3-6 days with good weather. 


How Long Will It Take to Build a Tennis Court

The construction and installation of a tennis court is a big project. A permit is required because the surface area has to be prepared before the construction. Unpredicted weather can bring the construction to a halt, and different sizes of courts are built over different timelines. A tennis court can take approximately 1-2 months to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand how a poorly constructed court can hamper your game. If your tennis court is facing any issues or has worn down due to time, weather or poor construction, we’re here to help. Contact Custom Blacktop Co. for reliable tennis court paving in Coquitlam and Greaeter Vancouver. We have the skilled and experienced workers to provide you with a quality tennis court. Whether you want to get your court resurfaced or want to get a new one, get in touch with us now.

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