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Concrete Repair and Construction in Vancouver

Durable concrete structures can stand the test of time and weather with very little maintenance. They are designed to be sturdy, as concrete is one of the most useful construction materials known to man. Custom Blacktop Co. has over 40 years of experience with concrete work and construction in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We have direct access to the aggregate materials that make up concrete, allowing us to offer our clients the highest quality concrete in a timely manner.


Building with concrete can also help with energy benefits. Light-coloured concrete helps to reflect natural light, meaning less electricity is needed for heating and air conditioning. A concrete parking lot also provides better lighting because of its reflective properties, so your customers can be safer at night.


Custom Blacktop offers concrete installations as well as concrete repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We are experienced in concrete work of all kinds, including:

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks and curbs
  • Roadways

Concrete Parking Lot Paving in Vancouver

If you have a commercial business, office or other company that uses a parking lot, you know how beat up the parking lot can be – especially after a rough winter. Pot holes, large cracks and uneven spots can cause your customers unnecessary strife while at your business, and they can even lead to falls and injuries. If you need parking lot paving in Vancouver, contact Custom Blacktop Co. We offer parking lot paving services so that your parking lot will be crack-free, smooth and easy to drive and walk on for your customers. 

Your concrete parking lot should be re-paved any time you see small cracks. Large cracks can lead to replacement of entire sections of the parking lot, so timely maintenance is necessary. Getting your parking lot paved will extend the life and quality of the parking lot. During the paving process we will seal and fill cracks on your parking lot so you can save money on replacements, attract more customers and enhance your business’s curb appeal. If the base of your parking lot seems unstable, we may have to excavate the parking lot to ensure it will last. We offer both concrete paving and asphalt paving , so don’t hesitate to call us with your paving needs.


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Service Areas

Together, Custom Blacktop Co., Twin River Gravel Co., Ltd., Alpine Paving Ltd. and Whistler Aggregates Ltd. serve British Columbia communities, including:

Howe Sound area









Central Fraser Valley


North Vancouver

New Westminster

South Surrey

West Vancouver

Maple Ridge

White Rock

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