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Pothole repair
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Pothole Repair Experts in Burnaby

Potholes on roadways can cause serious accidents. Drivers may lose control of their vehicle while driving over potholes. This may also damage the suspension system, tires and shocks of your vehicle. If you notice potholes in your driveway, it is advisable to hire a trusted contractor and get your driveway fixed immediately to avoid further damage. Custom Blacktop Co. is one of the most reliable pavement contractors serving the Lower Mainland region. We specialize in handling all aspects of paving, grading and excavation projects. From residential driveways to parking lots and roadways, we can fix them all. You can count on us when in need of paving or pothole repair services in Burnaby and Vancouver.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Blacktop Co. is one of the most efficient paving contractors in Vancouver. We have been providing exceptional paving services to commercial and residential clients’ since 1972. With our cost-effective solutions and prompt services, we ensure your tasks are completed on time. We are a proud member of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We employ best practices in the paving industry and our experienced team is skilled in all aspects of concrete work and asphalt paving. We work on a wide variety of projects such as:

  • Tennis and athletic courts’
  • Speed control bumps and humps
  • BMX and skateboard tracks
  • Pathways and trails
  • Laneways and driveways
  • Golf course cart paths and more


You can count on us to evaluate the condition of your pavements and fix them. If you want to understand the quality of our work, take a look at our successful projects . Contact us if you are looking for a pothole repair contractor in Burnaby and Vancouver. Request an estimate today.

Why Repair Potholes


If left untreated, potholes can prove to be dangerous, causing accidents. Pothole repair by experienced professionals is the best way to resolve this issue. Some primary reasons why you shouldn't delay the repair of potholes are listed below:


Prevents further damage

Water is a significant contributor to potholes. Existing potholes let the water go into the pavements causing more damage. If left untreated, small potholes can become larger ones and can damage your asphalt pavement and cause more problems.


Saves money

We often tend to ignore problems when they're small. Small potholes can grow into large ones and can cause unnecessary extra repair costs. A minor maintenance or repair cost goes easy on your wallet and is an investment in the long run.


Curb appeal

Broken, unrepaired and dirty things often leave a very negative impression on your customers, guests or anyone visiting the place of your business. You don't want to ruin the first impression of your business. Keeping your property maintained attracts customers and improves the overall curb appeal. 


Improves safety

Potholes can cause severe damage if not paid attention to. They can be very dangerous, causing potential accidents for both pedestrians and vehicle drivers. Getting a pothole repaired immediately reduces the risk of any injury and ensures safety for passersby. 


Get in touch with our team now if you've noticed a pothole in your property in Burnaby. Our professionals are here to assist you.

FAQ on Potholes

1. What are the factors that contribute to pothole formation?
Potential causes of potholes are:
• Diesel spillage
• Faulty roadways
• Wear and tear due to heavy traffic
• Extreme heat or fire


2. How to prevent pothole formation?
Crack Sealing and pavement preservation are effective ways to prevent pothole formation. Consider repaving and reconstruction for long-term durability.


3. How long does it take to repair a pothole?

The time required to repair a pothole depends on its size, location and depth. Generally, pothole repair does not take more than 14 days but the duration may vary based on the availability of resources and weather conditions.


Contact Us for Reliable Pothole Repairs

Are you looking for a local pothole repair company in Burnaby? You can count on us for reliable and efficient pothole repairs. Call us today for pothole repairs in Burnaby.

Service Areas

Together, Custom Blacktop Co., Twin River Gravel Co., Ltd., Alpine Paving Ltd. and Whistler Aggregates Ltd. serve British Columbia communities, including:

Howe Sound area









Central Fraser Valley


North Vancouver

New Westminster

South Surrey

West Vancouver

Maple Ridge

White Rock

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