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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Concrete Paver in Vancouver

Looking for a concrete paver in Vancouver? There certainly are excellent contractors out there, but there are also some less scrupulous ones who won’t have your best interests at heart.

So how do you pick the right one for the job?


Here are 5 tips on how to select the best paving contractor in Vancouver:


Research, research, research. There’s no getting around it; the only sure way to find the best concrete paver in Vancouver is to do the research. First, ask around. There’s no better place to start than asking your neighbors, friends and family if they can recommend someone. Take a look at the work that was done. You will notice a quality job right away. Also check with the BBB.

Make some phone calls. Okay, you have a shortlist of potential candidates. Now contact them to see about getting an estimate in writing and a list of references. Check the references. Ask them how long they’ve been in business. Are they punctual in getting back to you and sending someone to do an estimate? Are they pushy? Are they agreeable to work with and do they answer your questions respectfully? Trust your gut here. These are some of the intangibles that can make all the difference between the project being a nightmare or a pleasurable experience. Also ask them if they are certified to do the work in your area and if they are bonded and insured. Check up on them. A “no” to any of these questions should earn an automatic strike-through on your list.

Compare the bids. And don’t jump on the lowest one right off! A bid that is significantly lower than the others can mean inferior quality materials and workmanship, unreliability and no guarantee. In the same way, you can dismiss any bids that are much higher than average. Compare the middle bids to see where the differences lie. Ask questions about those differences. Being clear now can save you big headaches later on!

Get it all in writing. Once you’ve selected your contractor, make sure you know exactly when the project will happen and how long it will take—in writing. Have all inclusions, omissions and guarantees in writing. Don’t be shy with the questions. And make sure the contractor can get you all the necessary permits before the work begins.

Pay the man! After the work is completed to your satisfaction, be as respectful and courteous as they were and pay them according to the agreed schedule.

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