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The Advantages of Asphalt Paving for Businesses

Whether you own an industrial or a commercial business, such as a restaurant or boutique, or an office or clinic, asphalt paving can offer many advantages for you and your customers. Read all about the ABCs of why many business owners throughout Vancouver and Surrey are opting for it.


Affordability, Accessibility & Aesthetic

Asphalt is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing paving solution that allows for greater client accessibility from the parking lot all the way to the front door.


The instant appeal of a sleek, black parking lot with freshly painted lines is undeniable, and businesses can benefit greatly from repaving their existing lots and walkways. On the money front, asphalt is typically 30 – 50% cheaper to install than other materials with similar properties and has the distinct advantage of being useable immediately once it cools. Requiring only 2 to 3 days to cure fully, asphalt allows your customers access to your business faster than other typical materials. Asphalt paving is also easy to repair, and it can be done almost seamlessly, keeping your lot and pathways looking beautiful and inviting.


Smooth when installed correctly, asphalt makes it much easier for customers who might require mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches to get to your front door. Furthermore, strollers, shopping carts and skids can easily be maneuvered on asphalt, which increases the quick and safe delivery of products and purchases to customers’ vehicles.    


Bird Baths, Ruts & Potholes

When installed by a knowledgeable and professional paving contractor and maintained according to their instructions, asphalt-paved parking lots and sidewalks can last for decades without birdbaths, ruts, and potholes forming. Your customers, employees, delivery persons, and others can therefore access, use, and exit your parking lot and walkways without damaging their vehicles or injuring themselves by twisting their ankles or tripping.


Conditions of the Weather & Environment   

Asphalt paving is an excellent choice for the coastal climate throughout Vancouver and Surrey. It drains well when it rains, and ice or snow can also be removed easily without disturbing the surface to allow customers and clients the ability to navigate their way through your parking lot and walkways without risking a slip, trip, or fall. This also limits the amount of mud, snow, dirt, and dust that gets tracked into your place of business and soils your clients' footwear, clothing, and vehicle. Asphalt is also highly resistant to the freezing and thawing cycles, keeping your paved surfaces nicer for longer.


Not only is asphalt paving ideal for our weather conditions, but it is also 100% recyclable and reusable. This keeps waste down and limits your business’s contribution to the landfill. As an added bonus, reused asphalt is even more resistant than first-use asphalt!


Driving = Parking

While public transit and cycling are viable and common transportation options in North Vancouver, Surrey, and Vancouver, many customers, clients, and other visitors to your business might still need or choose to drive to your place of business. Providing them with a beautiful, accessible, and climate-appropriate asphalt parking lot and walkways installed by a fully insured and bondable paving contractor such as Custom Blacktop Co might be the difference maker when choosing between you and your competitors. 


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