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Asphalt Sealers: Should You Use a Sealer on Your Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt driveway with a close-up car wheel.

Projections show that the North American sealers market will reach a value of $914.12 million by 2027. Despite this, sealers are not always necessary and sometimes provide little to no benefit. Asphalt sealers are the perfect example, as they are often more harmful than useful. To find out why you don't need to use a sealer on your asphalt driveway, keep reading.

The Purpose of Sealers Sealers are substances that are water or solvent-based and are used to coat surfaces to offer improved protection. On concrete, for example, sealers will create a non-porous layer to stop any penetration of the pores in the concrete below. This is usually done to protect from weather exposure, grease spills, oil spills, abrasion, and any form of water. Should You Use Asphalt Sealers? To put it simply, an asphalt driveway does not need to be sealed. Some people have concerns about the state of their driveway deteriorating if not coated, but it is worth bearing in mind that many roads are made of asphalt, and they last for a very long time without any sealing. Roads are subject to the same weather conditions as regular driveways and potentially a huge amount more traffic and oil/grease spills. Asphalt naturally has several properties that make it ideal for driveways. It holds up well to both low and high temperatures. Even freezing and thawing cycles have very little effect. It is also slip-resistant, which is ideal for the icy conditions of Canadian winters. The Disadvantages Not only are asphalt sealers unnecessary, but they can actually do more bad than good. One of the dangers of asphalt sealers is to people's health. Asphalt sealers often contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer if the exposure is too high. The chemicals in these sealants are also harmful to the environment. Heavy rainwater can wash small particles from sealers into storm drains, which then flow into lakes and streams. This creates a toxic environment for the wildlife in these areas. Tar seal coats were even banned in Texas in 2005 due to the harm they can cause. Asphalt Paving Around Vancouver Custom Blacktop is a leading paving service covering Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Vancouver, and North Vancouver. With 50 years of experience, we can provide comprehensive services, including consultation, design, and full paving for residential and commercial applications. Paving with asphalt can be done quickly and efficiently while remaining a cost-effective option. It is also suitable for water drainage and very safe (as long as you follow our advice about asphalt sealers). Even without sealers, asphalt driveways are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Custom Blacktop can provide asphalt paving services for driveways, as well as several other applications, including: • Pathways • Athletic courts • Parking lots • Roadways • More In addition to the above services, we also perform concrete work if needed. A High-Quality Driveway With No Asphalt Sealers If you want to have a new driveway installed that will last without the use of asphalt sealers in Surrey, Burnaby, or anywhere throughout Greater Vancouver, Custom Blacktop has you covered. We are also able to take care of any maintenance or repairs needed. We are always happy to help, so get in touch to request a free quote today.


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