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Asphalt Vs. Concrete Paving: Which One Is Right For You?

If you’re on the search for paving contractors in and around Vancouver, the question of whether you want asphalt or concrete for your pavement has likely come up. Even if it hasn’t yet, you’ll need to give this choice some consideration soon enough. 

Whether you’re looking to pave a commercial or residential driveway, a car park or a road, both concrete and asphalt have their advantages and disadvantages. Figuring out which one is right for you will come down to your own personal priorities. But what exactly are the major differences and how do you weigh the pros and cons? Here’s some info that can help you figure it out.

A Little About Asphalt Paving

In Vancouver, Burnaby and other parts of the lower mainland, roads and many driveways are paved with asphalt. This type of surface is comprised of an amalgamation of sand, gravel and a petroleum based glue. It’s easy to apply, and easy to fix should it get damaged. Other pros of paving with asphalt include:

It’s more economical than concrete at the outset

It provides better traction for motor vehicles

It’s recyclable

The main cons of paving with asphalt are:

It needs frequent repairs, patching and re-paving

It absorbs and therefore emits more heat

It’s a pollutant, emitting toxins during and after the paving process 

And A Little About Concrete Paving

In Vancouver, Burnaby and other nearby areas concrete is used for a wide variety of surfaces including car parks and garages. It’s made from crushed up limestone, rock and water. It’s highly durable and requires little upkeep. Other pros of paving with concrete include:

It has a long life span, at least twice to that of asphalt

It’s difficult to damage and therefore rarely needs repairs or maintenance

It’s recyclable and the greener of the two options, as it emits far fewer toxins

Is a more affordable option in the long run, when you take into account the repair and maintenance costs of asphalt

Some of the cons of paving with concrete are:

It’s more expensive for initial costs of paving

It provides poor traction for motor vehicles

It’s difficult and pricey to repair if it does break

How We Can Help

Custom Blacktop provides paving services throughout the lower mainland. We’re asphalt and concrete pavers with over 40 years of experience satisfying clients in Vancouver, Burnaby and other surrounding areas. We bring our expertise and exceptional workmanship to every assignment. Call us during business hours to book your next job or with any questions about your upcoming paving project. 

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