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Common Problems of Asphalt Paving and How to Fix Them

Even the best asphalt needs maintenance and care, the same as our skincare routine to keep the wrinkles at bay! Nothing escapes the sands of time! The only way to beat asphalt cracks (and the wrinkles) is with regular maintenance and care. However, suppose you do not choose the appropriate expert, like Custom Blacktop Co., to lay your asphalt paving. In that case, you may encounter a variety of more severe issues down the line, needing expensive repairs. Is your asphalt cracked, potholed, or otherwise damaged? These are some of the most frequent problems of asphalt paving and how to solve them.

Fatigue or Alligator Cracking Asphalt fatigue cracking is a classic indication of deterioration. Fatigue cracking is named for the distinctive cracking patterns that mimic the skin of an alligator. Asphalt structural breakdown causes alligator cracking. Also, it could be: • A thin surface or base • A weak surface or foundation • Heavy traffic or large vehicles parking on the asphalt surface • Poor pavement installation You could fill in the cracks or seal coat them, but this is a temporary fix. Filling gaps keeps dirt and moisture out of the foundation, preventing additional damage. Bigger alligator cracking, however, will need a more thorough approach. Because alligator cracking indicates structural issues, it is best to dig up the existing damaged asphalt and re-lay a new one. Potholes Are One of the Problems of Asphalt Paving Potholes are dish depressions with rough edges and vertical walls on all sides except the top. They develop when alligator cracking, or any other kind of cracking, is not maintained regularly. Water and debris infiltrate the cracked pavement, creating a dip in the surface when vehicles drive over it. We have all experienced this problem! A full replacement is the only option to consider in this scenario. Bird Baths in Asphalt Paving Despite their endearing nickname, these puddles have the potential to do some considerable damage. It gets its name from a dip in the road that allows water to collect. Over time, water weakens and destroys the surface. A weak foundation of the asphalt causes depression spots. In addition, weak or uneven areas enable the pavement to gradually crumble, resulting in the hollow. Minor depressions may be repaired with a surface patch, but large depressions will need the removal and replacement of the asphalt patch. That section of the subsoil will also need to be repaired. Asphalt Longitudinal Cracking Longitudinal fractures span the length of the asphalt, like a road or a parking lot. Poor joint placement or pavement stress may cause longitudinal cracks. Half-inch or smaller cracks may be plugged or sealed to avoid additional moisture damage. If the cracks are significant, the whole asphalt surface must be removed and rebuilt. In addition, other structural modifications may be required. Maintenance Is Key! Repairing problems of asphalt paving is one of the best options for the knocks of life on any surface. Asphalt paving repair specialists can quickly patch up cracks and holes in your pavement, whether small cracks, potholes, or more serious asphalt damages. Are you looking for a crack filling service? Contact Custom Blacktop Co.! We have been one of Vancouver's leading paving contractors for commercial and residential projects of all kinds since 1972..


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