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Can You Cover a Concrete Driveway with Asphalt Paving?

Two of the top three choices for driveways in Canada as a whole and British Columbia in particular are concrete and asphalt. If you have the former and wonder whether you can cover it with asphalt paving, the simple answer is yes. However, most driveway pavers in the Vancouver area will answer the question with another very important question.


Why Do You Want to Cover Your Concrete?

If the answer to this question is because it is a more economical driveway repair solution than concrete repair or repaving with concrete, you are onto something! Asphalt paving is more economical than replacing concrete; however, two important factors must be considered before laying asphalt over concrete.


Similarly, if your answer to the question is for aesthetics, i.e. you prefer the look of asphalt paving over concrete, the same two points should be considered.


1. Base Stability

While it may seem that a thick concrete driveway would make for a solid asphalt driveway base, it is a cause for concern because its base may not be solid. If this base or the concrete shifts or sinks, the top asphalt will be compromised. Therefore, to ensure a stable driveway repair, the answer to the original question – Can you cover a concrete driveway with asphalt paving? – is no. It is better to remove the old concrete, prepare a new, solid base, and then lay asphalt.


2. Condition of the Concrete

Whether you want to undertake driveway repair for safety reasons or aesthetic ones, it is important to consider the condition of the concrete you wish to cover with asphalt. If it has any imperfections, they will show through the asphalt paving. If the concrete is in great condition, you still need to consider the potential instability of the base (point number one).


The Full Answer

Most professional driveway pavers will not recommend covering a concrete driveway with asphalt as a good driveway repair solution. The most aesthetic and long-lasting solution would be to remove the concrete and prepare a new base specifically prepared for asphalt. This will create a beautiful, smooth asphalt driveway that is unlikely to sink, shift, warp, or crack. Such well-laid asphalt paving will last longer and require much less maintenance than asphalt over concrete.


“But I Don’t Want to Waste my Concrete.”

Wasting concrete or sending it to the landfill need not be a concern or a reason to opt for covering concrete with asphalt. Many driveway pavers and repair companies in the Vancouver area that remove concrete recycle it by breaking and crushing it down into aggregate that can be reused. You’re not creating waste by replacing your existing concrete driveway but rather giving old materials a new lease on life!


How to Find an Asphalt Paver  

If you are in Vancouver, North Vancouver or Surrey, contact Custom Blacktop Co.. We are Lower Mainland paving specialists with over 40 years of experience in all areas of asphalt paving and concrete work. We are fully insured, bondable, and a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Vancouver Regional Construction Association.  


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