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Five Enemies Of Asphalt Pavement And How To Fight Them Off

According to an article by the Vancouver Sun, the average number of potholes in Vancouver repaired annually is 32,000. Add Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Surrey to the list and those numbers would be significantly higher. That isn't even including other asphalt pavement repairs to any fractures, distortion, or surface treatment distress. Consistent weather patterns that bring the heat and cold in cycles mean that expansion and contraction of the asphalt layers are bound to happen. Expansion and contraction mean issues like alligator cracking, potholes, and ravelling. While these problems are usually unavoidable, the solutions provided by the dedicated team at Custom Blacktop Co. will guarantee your pavement is of the utmost quality at all times.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions That Provide Solid Foundation The five common issues seen in asphalt pavement are cracking, potholes, depressions, rutting, and ravelling. Knowing when these issues are happening can be tough—that is where Custom Blacktop Co. comes in. The team provides solutions that are reliable for the long term. Cracking Cracking is among the most common asphalt paving issues because they come in a variety. For example, an alligator crack is one that pairs a large number of small cracks together. Transverse cracks are cracks that run perpendicular to the centerline of the asphalt pavement. Our Solution: Ensure proper drainage of the area so the cracks don't continue in the future. Use our superior subgrade compaction process that enables the aggregate we use to fill the area and go down as evenly as possible. Potholes Potholes in your parking lots will cause customers to turn the other way. When water encroaches on existing cracks this will cause erosion that leads to the creation of potholes. The Solution: We install durable parking lot pavement that is weather-resistant and lasting. As a bonus, the asphalt used is made of environmentally friendly material so you will know you are helping the planet while helping yourself. Depressions Depressions become noticeable after rainfall. They are uneven pavement surfaces that have a lower elevation than the existing pavement. The Solution: Replacement. Great foundation work is all about solid subgrade and strong aggregate bases Custom Blacktop Co is the best place to ensure the highest quality materials for the replacement process as an aggregate supplier. Rutting Continuous travel of cars and trucks across the pavement will create indentations. These indentations are called rutting. The Solution: Understanding density so the asphalt compaction process is ideal. From considering the temperature of the mix to the mat thickness, we make sure your rutting is completely eliminated. Ravelling Ravelling happens when an asphalt surface has started to crumble. Any type of aggregate material, whether it be crushed stone, sand, or gravel, can dislodge. The Solution: An overlay. We completely clean and inspect the existing pavement to ensure an overlay is the most viable option. Once installed, the binding agent will provide a stronghold that discourages raveling. Paving Services in Vacouver Don't be fooled by frustrating asphalt issues. The team at Custom Blacktop Co. is here to assist and find quick solutions for all of your problems. For more information on the asphalt pavement solutions we provide, contact Custom Blacktop Co. at 604-291-7545 for a free quote.


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