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Questions to Ask a Paving Contractor Before Hiring

Paving machine paving some asphalt

IIs the road around the neighbourhood bumpy and uneven? Is there no place for people to walk safely? Or, do you own a business and need your parking lots, driveways or concrete floors repaired? People often complain about these issues each day but have little idea how to solve them. The fastest way to do that is by hiring a paving contractor. A paving contractor paves surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and concrete floors. Occasionally, you may see them working on bigger operations like fixing airport runways. Anybody can hire a paving contractor, ranging from private homeowners to businesses. However, not all contractors provide equal services. Before hiring contractors, ask these questions to ensure you get the best service.

Does Your Paving Contractor Have References? When hiring paving contractors, the first thing to ask is if they have references. This is one of the simplest ways to cut out disreputable companies. If you ask for references, the company should provide you with at least three names. With those names, they'll also provide you with their addresses and phone numbers. Do your due diligence and call the referents to get the best idea of who you're hiring. Are Your Properly Licensed and Insured? Depending on your project, the job could take several twists. You may find that you need several types of tasks covered. In cases like this, the contractor may need multiple licenses and insurance policies to complete the job. So, when you talk with them, ensure they have the necessary credentials to do the job. If they don't have the required licenses, make sure they hire a subcontractor to help them. Are They a Better Business Bureau Member? A legitimate contractor does not have to be a member of the Better Business Bureau. However, a membership with this group demonstrates that the business owner is both serious and reputable. A Better Business Bureau membership also provides accountability. You can check with the group to learn of any recent complaints filed against your contractor. At Custom Blacktop, we are proud to report that we are members in good standing with the Bureau. If you'd like to learn more about our performance, check out our company today. What Extra Charges Aren't in the Estimate? When hiring a paving contractor, you'll typically receive an estimate on how much the job will cost. In many cases, these estimates are accurate. However, even the best contractor might run into unforeseen issues. Sometimes, this results in additional charges. So, before hiring the contractor, ask what extra fees could potentially apply for this job. Can the Contractor Explain Your Entire Job? Every paving contractor’s job differs from another, and a skilled contractor can explain why. So, before you settle on a candidate, ask them to explain what your job will require. Ask for time estimates as well as recommendations for your customizations. If you live in British Columbia, we feel confident that we can meet your paving needs. We have a reputation spanning 40 years and thousands of satisfied customers. Check out our services today to learn more!


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